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Lizzy's Journal

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My name is Lizzy.

I'm just you're average 17-year-old: tired, over-committed and a bit sick of everything. I'm finally in my last year of school studying Literature, History, Chemistry, Biology and Applicable Maths. I love to ice skate, I do it at least 3 times a week, and if it were up to me that's all I would do. I've learnt recently that even though some things should last forever they come to an end really quickly.

I like Bakers Delight puns, polaroid and film photography, morning-after eye makeup, straightened hair, running through the pouring rain, writing stories, sitting on the grass in the sunshine in my backyard, dairy products, spending every last cent on books and cd's, watching House and Masterchef, and most of all I like the smell when you walk into the rink.

I like comments on my entries alot and I'm envious of people with large friend lists.

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